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11 Oct 2017
There are several reasons why designers and contractors recommend the use of concrete sealant paint for final coating concrete areas. You can find concrete sealants from online shops but you will get more advantages if you opt for manufacturers such as at Wakefield Mfg. Not only do we offer a wide selection of concrete sealant paints, we also offer application tools for your projects. We have been in the business manufacturing high quality products for a considerable number of years. We have product engineers that are continually developing products because we believe that there is always a better way to do things. Just as with concrete areas, it is not enough that you come up with a solid concrete project, it is also essential to seal the surface with the right sealant for optimum results.  Here are some of the benefits out of applying sealant on a concrete surface.
  • By applying the right concrete sealant paint, the original color of the concrete is enhanced regardless of painting technique. 

  • You can add sheen to the concrete surface with the number of sealants available for you to choose from. There are high gloss sealer down to satin sealers. It will make your concrete surface extra appealing while its inherent color becomes vibrant.  

  • With the right sealant on a concrete surface, the penetration of dirt, chemicals, dust, oil, grease and stains becomes difficult. 

  • Cleaning and maintenance becomes easier.

  • Prevents water and chlorine intrusion thereby reducing freeze-thaw damage. 

  • Effectively protects the concrete from natural wear and scratches.
Points to consider

Before applying concrete sealer, find out what type of sealer is suited for the surface. Take note that there are different types of concrete sealer paints and it is important to use the right type to obtain optimum results. Also, using the wrong concrete sealant paint can ruin your concrete surface and your entire project. Consider consulting your contractor or you can give us a call so we can provide an experts advice on the matter. You can also send as an email for cost estimates and other questions that you might have for us. 


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